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"The Tragedy of Sophocles Antigone"

The tragedy of Antigone commenced from the scene
when her father Oedipus died,and her two brothers,
Polyneices and Eteocles were contending for the
throne of thebes.In the rival, creon acted as the
regent of thebes.With his power he declared that
Polyneices must die.Then so, but Antigone was put
in between, to decide whethershe will choose the
state or her brother a rightful burial.During the
burial, Antigone was caught by creon.In doing so
however, she won the support of tghe people of
Thebes, including Haemon, creons son. Haemon reasoned
with his father, not because, although obvious that
he greatly love Antigone, but because he viewed the
situation fairly.EVentually, after Creon met prophet
Tiresias, creon realized his mistake; realized how he
would suffer if he incorrectly passed judgement upon
Antigone. However, for him, it was too late.When he
went to free Antigone has already killed herself,and
as a direct result, Haemon, creons son, also killed
himself in anguish at Antigones death.